Support EuroPride 2022

How you can get involved and support EuroPride 2022

As an individual, there are a few ways you can substantially support EuroPride 2022.


A great way to support EuroPride 2022 is to volunteer and help out with the practical carrying out of the festival itself. For more information on volunteering for EuroPride 2022, such as information about specific tasks, perks, and how to sign up, see here.


If you cannot volunteer, or would just like to support in other ways, donating is a great way to support the festival.

The political situation in Serbia makes sponsorships more complicated than in many other nations in Europe. Contributions from private individuals and other supporters is therefore hugely appreciated.

You can donate directly to EuroPride 2022 at this site, set up by EPOA.
If you would like to become a partner of EuroPride 2022, please contact us via email [email protected] or through the contact form on the website. We offer different types of partnerships for businesses, media and non-governmental organizations.