Pride Park

The biggest outdoor venue for celebration of EuroPride will be in a park in central Belgrade. Pride Park will serve as a venue for two concerts (16th and 17th September 2022), space for organizations, companies, and others to showcase their work in dedicated booths. In addition to Pride Info Center and Pride House, Pride Park will expand our celebration throughout the city and the week.

Pride Park will be the main EuroPride 2022 outdoor place. It will host several stands for the local and international organisations and businesses that want to display their work, sell merchandise and act as information points for the community. This set-up will also provide a space for socializing and community building over food and drinks, welcoming the LGBTI+ community and wider public. The Pride Park will be a space for every member of the LGBTI+ family to come together and celebrate, with artists from the community and our allies, which will bring fun and dynamism throughout the Pride Week. It will be a place where the community, organisations and businesses can present a shining example of equality, inspiration, and diversity in one place.