Pride House

On the 11th of September 2022, Pride House will be opened as a central space where events with larger crowds will be held, such as the International Human Rights Conference, workshops, exhibitions and side meetings. Pride House will enable us to host multiple events at the same time and reach a wider audience. Belgrade Pride began the practice of opening Pride Houses in 2018 in order to secure a central venue for Pride where the LGBTI+ community feels welcome and included.

For EuroPride 2022, Pride House will be located at Belgrade Youth Centre (Dom Omladine), 22 Makedonska street, Pride House will host the International Human Rights Conference, exhibitions, and other events during the Pride Week. The programme at Pride House will be created by and for the community, making sure that issues related to human rights, politics, sexuality, health, culture, work, family and hate crime and speech are discussed. Guests can expect a wide range of lectures, workshops and debates with activists, human rights defenders, lecturers, experts, and allies all joining in. Pride house will be inclusive, with fun and entertainment, and will proudly and powerfully celebrate queer culture and legacy during every day of Pride Week. Pride House will provide a safe place for education and celebration for all our guests.