Online Dating, Security and Cyber Bullying - Staying Safe on the Internet

14:00 - 15:30, Virginia

For the LGBTI+ community, cyberbullying is especially rampant and dangerous. According to the Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), more than 42% of LGBTI+ youth reported being harassed or bullied online. This is three times higher than the average for non-LGBTI+ youth whose reported numbers are at 15%. A full 27% of LGBTI+ youth report feeling unsafe online. Moreover, online dating can prove to be significantly dangerous, especially in countries and surroundings less tolerant towards the LGBTI+ community.

This panel will provide listeners with three perspectives on digital security of LGBTI+ people:
- Digital security in Activism: discussing specific ways in which security of LGBTI+ activists can be threatened and what steps they can take to protect themselves in the online environment
- Digital security in Dating: presenting features of dating apps that can help users protect their anonymity and privacy
- Cyberbullying and us: LGBTI+ people as targets of cyberbullying


  • Jennifer Adams, Cyberbullying Expert
  • Vanja Banković, Analyst, Propulsion Fund
  • Diogo Vieira da Silva, LGBTI+ Activist
  • Andrej Petrovski, Tech Director, SHARE Foundation (moderator)